The Rainbow’s Mystique



Observe the splendor of the rainbow –

A multi-hued arch without any support.

It’s evanescent, there one moment, gone the next.

It’s a magic worked by light and droplets of water.

Physics tells us that it is refracted light –

Sunlight’s rays that are bent and sent back to us.

Its birth is predicated on two presences:

Rain in one location and the sun in another.

When the magic appears, you are in the middle –

The rainbow in front and the sun behind.

Rainbows are fascinating:

Tiny droplets creating a light spectrum,

From the “white” light of the sun.

It’s the same as shining a light on a prism,

That anyone can do at home.

Or create a real one in your yard:

Spray a mist with your garden hose,

Turning your back to the sun.

You can make a complete circle,

Which I have done watering the garden.

But the rainbow is an apt metaphor,

For the many races in a country or the world.

One light gives birth to the seven colours,

Which is about the number of races existing,

All emanating from one humanity.

All the colours of the rainbow exist in harmony,

And teach us that races need to be in harmony also.

Then we can logically extend this analogy,

Since there are other forms manifesting colours.

We can properly say “A rainbow of tulips and roses,

Or a rainbow of cats, dogs and horses!”

All are the handiwork of a Supreme Divine Power,

And we marvel at the great beauty and variety.

So we can say that variety is the Law of Nature,

And also the Law of the Infinite Cosmos.

Let us then marvel at the beauty of the rainbow,

And know that we are immersed in that beauty!


Dr. Jagessar Das


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