Honouring Diverse Beliefs in Our Communities

From Atheism to Zoroastrianism, people draw on different belief systems to guide the ways they think and act. How can we respond to this important element of diversity in our communities? What are the risks involved? What do we stand to gain? Join families, faith communities, and others as they explore these important questions and learn together.

“Not long ago, race and ethnicity were viewed as immovable barriers to creating understanding across diverse cultures,” says David Dalley, Program Coordinator for the Surrey Interfaith Council. “In many ways, we’ve moved beyond that. The challenge for this generation is to see beyond how misperceptions of our religions and worldviews divide us as individuals and communities. This documentary points the direction for doing just that.”

For Tahzeem Kassam, Director of Community Development at DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society, the project is an important step towards creating a more welcoming and inclusive community: “This documentary shows us that it is okay to be curious and to engage in dialogue about religious and spiritual traditions in our community. Being curious is the first important step towards getting to know our diverse neighbours.”

Ingrid Roeske Good, Lead Producer at Himar Productions Ltd., says: “This documentary is one step towards educating our children to grow up in a world without prejudice and discrimination.  We at Himar Productions want to document people and programs in our community that celebrate diversity, difference and inclusion.”

A resource toolkit is included with the documentary. The Toolkit outlines a multi-format workshop designed to engage participants in active learning and dialogue. It supports workshop facilitators with the video documentary, a practical framework for dialogue, and list of additional resources to promote further learning. Contact us to receive a copy of the toolkit.

This project made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

Watch this video for more background on the Surrey Neighbouring Faiths Program:

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