Interfaith Contemplative Gatherings

Many religious and philosophical traditions emphasize the use of contemplative practice as a powerful pathway to awareness, compassion, love, and “oneness”.

Centering prayer, meditation, and mindfulness are just a few of the contemplative practices embraced by today’s mainstream traditions. These along with other practices allow us to open our hearts to self and to each other.

The Surrey Interfaith Contemplative Group creates an environment where persons of various religious, spiritual and philosophical backgrounds can gather for shared contemplative practice and community building.

Our groups are purposefully designed to focus on personal experience and inter-personal relationships rather than institutionalized theology and doctrine. We begin our gatherings with 20 minutes of contemplative practice. Each person is free to use this time in a way that is meaningful to them.

We then engage in gentle conversation on whatever topic arises from the group. Participants are also invited to bring a reading, chant or song to share during this time. Participants are also welcome to remain quiet and simple observe and listen.

Groups meet every Friday evening. There are a number of groups currently running. Please contact us for time and location details.

Because groups meet in private homes, we will ask to meet with you prior to attending your first gathering.

Faith in Harmony