New Year’s Interfaith Luncheon Needs Your Help!

The New Year’s Interfaith Luncheon takes place on Saturday December 30th to feed seniors, homeless guests and other community members.

Bring your whole family and let’s have fun in cooking, serving and eating together, as an act of caring the most vulnerable in our community.

Some of the dishes offered in the past were Lasagna, Pasta, Shahi Paneer, Mashed Potatoes, Turkey, Daal, Naan, Fried Rice, Cakes, Rasmalai, etc.

Please let me know what dish you would like to offer/cook by following the link below or sending me an email directly.

I will let everyone know once I have a complete list. We have served around 100 people in the past year.

You can also choose to simply join us to help out in the preparation in the morning and/or for serving.

We will meet at 7 am, have breakfast together and start cooking. We serve lunch at 11 am sharp.

Location: St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 1480 George St, White Rock, BC V4B 4A3

This lunch plays an important role in the community as most of the community lunches/dinners do not take place around that time due to the holiday season.

We mostly have seniors (who stay home alone during the holiday season) and the homeless guests who enjoy a warm, healthy and tasty meal with us.

If we have enough food left, we will take the remaining food to our usual location in North Surrey to serve our homeless brothers and sisters, after the lunch.

Please call (778-294-0146 or 778-989-1044) or email me only if you have any questions.

With love,

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