Nature – The Best Recycler


Think of a world filled with man-made garbage,
Then think that you have to live with it.
And as time inevitably goes by,
You find yourself choked for healthy space.
Non-biodegradables are now companions,
That threaten your health and wellbeing.
You begin to think “What a mess we made,”
But it is now too late –
Since land and water are polluted,
And noxious gases spew into the atmosphere.
That is the land and the water you use,
And you merrily breathe the polluted air.
Then you become sick and wonder why?
You will not blame yourself as the cause,
Since it is the farthest thing from your mind.
Here comes the research scientist and declares,
“This environment is polluted: toxic chemicals abound.”
“Why does the government not clean up the mess?”
You find yourself musing, not accepting the blame.
It would have been supremely wise,
If you had recycled and prevented the pollution.
Now to the rescue comes the city – the guardian angel,
And institutes recycling by political decree.
A cleaner environment is a blessing to all,
And we can now enjoy the cleaner outdoors.
But wait: did nature not teach us to recycle,
As she has done for countless eons.
Perhaps we failed to be keen observers.
She recycles everything that is born and dies.
She recycles you and me, animals and plants too.
The earth is the source of all physical beings,
That are the abode of the spirit and consciousness.
And all have to return to the earth – our mother earth!
Nature also recycles water, and we call it the water cycle.
It evaporates from the waters on earth,
Then returns it as rainfall to support life.
Think of the carbon dioxide we breathe out.
It fills all plants with joy. They grow luxuriantly.
They pay us back with oxygen so we can live.
All things in nature follow cycles – a recycling.
Let us then follow nature’s perpetual recycling,
And diligently recycle to a better and healthier life!

Dr. Jagessar Das

2 thoughts on “Nature – The Best Recycler”

  1. Dear Dr Das,
    I appreciate your post, reminding us that we are all needed to make our world a better place through the considerate recycling of our material goods, and that Mother Nature is setting for us the best example. There is another form of recycling that would definitely help our planet and our relationships. That is the recycling of our thoughts. There is a need today to sort our thoughts into piles to keep and piles to discard. Thoughts that bless all alike are keepers; thoughts that would harm others must be discarded. This spiritual form of sorting and recycling would purify the mental atmosphere. And that, in turn, would lead to actions that reflect higher, cleaner attitudes – and recycling and other ways to bless our neighbours and ourselves would become the norm.

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