Letters from Beyond: A Spiritual Journey

The Surrey Interfaith Council would like to thank local artist Deborah Putman for donating “thank you” cards that will be given to supporters of our upcoming “Surrey Interfaith Pilgrimage.”

The image above appears on the cards. It is an image of an installation piece titled “Letters from Beyond: A Spiritual Journey.” Below you will find Deborah’s artist statement.

Learn more about Deborah’s work here.


Letters from Beyond: A Spiritual Journey
Artist Statement

This installation is more than a visual experience. It is auditory, kinetic and experiential. The viewer becomes the participant when s/he enters through the transparent doorway veil. One hears sacred music of many faiths. The circle of scrolls gently float and quiver with any passing movement. The participant begins to walk the three-circuit labyrinth, an ancient single path maze.

Viewing the ‘Letters’, in the form of nine scrolls, during the labyrinth walk to the centre, one may look at a scroll while hearing music of another faith. The viewer sees symbols of an aspect of different spiritual belief systems on each scroll. The ninth scroll includes all spiritual beliefs.

The creation process stimulated plentiful dialogues about spirituality. Special books of religion were offered; others arrived in the mail. Spiritual services, meetings and conferences were attended. Many interesting connections were made. I experienced the unfamiliar, felt my own discomforts and fears as well as my delight in discoveries, expanded perception and understanding. I was reminded how human it is to fear the unknown and how divine to feel the unity. A unifying ethic found in all beliefs that I researched is the concept some call “The Golden Rule”. This concept, in the words of each belief, is written on ribbons suspended along the sides of the scrolls.

My intention is to create a kaleidoscope, a hologram of spiritual perceptions to resonate within the participant and a space for contemplative discovery.

My hope is to acknowledge the richness of spiritual diversity by juxtaposing sacred symbols, metaphors, memories, colours and words, while simultaneously revealing the unity in all.

Deborah Putman

Letters from Beyond: A Spiritual Journey

Letters from Beyond: A Spiritual Journey

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