‘Give Peace a Chance” Literary and Arts Competition

The Global Peace  Alliance (Surrey Society) invites your submissions to the ‘Give Peace a Chance” Literary and Arts Competition. See here or below for more information.

Arts submissions to the contests can be in the form of poetry, story, drawing, painting or any other, while the literary submissions can be in prose or poetry. All submissions are required to have a theme of peace, such as loving-kindness, caring & sharing, forgiving & forgetting, friendship, multiculturalism, social justice, nuclear disarmament, conflict transformation, and the like. Peace-themed video submissions (singing, dancing, or any other) are also considered. The deadline for the submissions is August 15, 2017. All those who make submissions for these contests will be issued a certificate of appreciation, and winners selected from each artwork category in each age group will be ceremoniously recognized with cash prizes and trophies at the year-end peace festival. We have already begun to receive submissions for these contests.

The year-end peace festival will take the form of a multicultural variety show with stage performances – music, songs, dances – and exhibits of other varied cultural traditions, including food, dress, and art & craft. While acting as a forum to ceremoniously recognize the winners of the literary & artworks contests, the festival will also provide an opportunity to celebrate diversity among us, and to act as a silent spring board for replacing our common habits and traits that promote war with those that promote peace.

The GPAC program has five primary objectives:

  1. To share the Arts and literary submissions made for the contests with the general public through exhibitions at public libraries;
  2. To develop a language of peace through an annually expanding ‘Dictionary of Peace for the Children by the Children,’ based on the peace messages embedded in children’s artwork submissions to the contests – poetry, story, drawing & painting;
  3. To develop a similarly annually expanding database of peacemaking ideas and concepts expressed by adults through their submissions in prose or poetry for the literary contests;
  4. To celebrate human diversity and to build a better understanding and appreciation across identifiable differences among us; and
  5. To promote among people habits and traits that promote peace in place of those that promote conflicts and violence.

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