Dinner and Dialogue

A recent bulletin from the United Religions Initiative opened with this reflection on “interfaith:”

“One question we hear a lot at URI is, “What does interfaith mean?” People hearing the term for the first time have a lot of wild ideas – everything from combining the world’s religions into one super-religion, to doing away with religion altogether! Of course, neither of these is true.

Interfaith cooperation is about dialogue, discovering our similarities, respecting our differences, and giving each other a safe space to practice our own faith traditions.”

One of the ways that we give each other safe space is through the Interfaith Dinner series. The process is simple: someone in the community offers to host a dinner and people from different religious, spiritual and secular traditions sign up to attend.

The latest dinner took place on May 23, and you can see pictures and quotes below. A huge thank you to Patrick for coordinating, Laurie for hosting, and all of the brave guests for attending, listening and honouring each other.

All we need to see the next dinner take place is for someone to say “yes!” If you would like to host the next interfaith dinner, say “yes” to Patrick at dinners@surreyinterfaith.ca.

“Very loving of Laurie and her husband to welcome us to their home.”

“The conversation was most interesting; it is not often that one is in a situation where one can freely explain one’s faith. This makes event worthwhile.”

“I personally really enjoyed learning about the faiths or non-faith of the participants – 2 from the family Federation for World Peace and Unification, 2 Christian Scientists, Presbyterian Minister, aspiring Presbyterian minister, United Church Minister, atheist & Buddhist.”

“I met two married couples who belonged to different faith traditions and were obviously very supportive of each other’s journey.”

“Food was good, but was secondary to the conversation!”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful interfaith dinner. Alan and I really enjoyed the conversation and yummy dinner!!!”


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