Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose


  • We envision a city where all faiths live in harmony and contribute to a better community.


  • To create an environment of interfaith respect and harmony among faith traditions by promoting religious freedom and social justice.


  • We value responsible religious freedom for all people
  • We value social and environmental diversity
  • We value mutual respect and acceptance
  • We value cooperation and inclusiveness
  • We value communication and dialogue
  • We value the common good in our community


  1. To create respect and understanding among religious and spiritual communities
  2. To pursue interfaith harmony, peace and non-violence within our city
  3. To support the freedom of religious practice and spiritual expression
  4. To demonstrate compassion, human dignity and social justice
  5. To partner together in environmental awareness and conservation
  6. To educate people about the beliefs, customs and practices of faith traditions
  7. To network with religious communities, civil society and government agencies
  8. To establish a financial and human resource base to support the organization

Faith in Harmony